Deploy to heroku

Install Heroku CLI

If you haven't already, install the CLI:

1. Connect a heroku app

New app

Create your app manually at or type:

heroku create your-app

Existing app

If you've already created your app, connect it:

heroku git:remote -a your-app

2. Adding Node.js and .NET Core buildbacks

.NET Core is not officially supported on Heroku at present. Third party buildpacks are one option for extending the platform, for this project we are using:

heroku buildpacks:add heroku/nodejs
heroku buildpacks:add jincod/dotnetcore

Heroku environment variables

heroku config:set ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Production

You can change environment variables directly from the heroku app settings:

3. Deploy

You can directly push to the heroku repository:

git push heroku master

Or better yet, go to and enable Automatic deploys so you only deploy when you type:

git push origin master

4. Open your app

Open your app and ensure everything is working.

If you set your LIVE Stripe API Keys and LIVE products, keep in mind that you will be charged.

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