Getting started

1. Generate a project

Go to the project generator page, configure and download your project.

2. Open .sln in Visual Studio


2. Open ClientApp (frontend) in VSCode

Drag the src/PRODUCT_NAME/WebApi/ClientApp folder into VSCode and install packages

npm i

3. Debug

Run Visual Studio configuration "PRODUCT_NAME"

Open localhost:8080 or localhost:5000

4. Login as Admin

If you configured a valid database (appSettings.Development.json) you shouldn't get any error when you login with your admin user.

5. Configure Products (Stripe products/subscriptions)

Open localhost:8080/admin/products, click "Go to pricing page" and configure your prices by modifying the file: src/store/modules/pricing/default-pricing.Development.ts

Once you like the localhost:8080/pricing page, go to localhost:8080/admin/products and click "Click here to generate these prices in Database and Stripe".

6. Register new Tenant

The admin user is not a tenant, and it's the only user who has access to /admin pages.

Try to register with another email and ensure you get the Welcome/Verification email.

7. Create an Expense

Navigate to http://localhost:8080/app/transactions and add, edit and delete an expense.

8. Start building your own entities

Take the example of http://localhost:8080/app/transactions and http://localhost:8080/app/transactions2 to see how you can create a simple CRUD.

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