Backend + Frontend

.NET Core

1. Restore packages

At the root directory:
dotnet restore

2. Debug .NET + Client App

Start the app on Visual Studio with "PRODUCT_NAME" launch configuration.

3. Database generated

And if you connect to your Database Provider you should see the tables created:
Database schema

4. Register

If you already set your Stripe products, you can register:
Register page
Registration success page
You can click the red text or go to step 5...

5. Email confirmation

If you set Postmark correctly (by creating the welcome template) you should get an email:
Postmark welcome template
By clicking the blue button you will be redirected to http://localhost:8080/account/verify:
Verification page

6. Database records

Connect to your local database and confirm there are at least 1 record:
select * from "Users";
select * from "Tenants";
select * from "TenantUsers";

7. Stripe customer

Go to your Stripe dashboard and confirm the creation:
Stripe customers

8. Your ready to start working on your SaaS core functionality

9. Optional: Test the Transactions page

Add an expense and confirm it:
SELECT * FROM "Transactions";