Backend + Frontend

.NET Core

1. Restore packages

At the root directory:

dotnet restore

2. Debug .NET + Client App

Start the app on Visual Studio with "PRODUCT_NAME" launch configuration.

3. Database generated

And if you connect to your Database Provider you should see the tables created:

4. Register

If you already set your Stripe products, you can register:

You can click the red text or go to step 5...

5. Email confirmation

If you set Postmark correctly (by creating the welcome template) you should get an email:

By clicking the blue button you will be redirected to http://localhost:8080/account/verify:

6. Database records

Connect to your local database and confirm there are at least 1 record:

select * from "Users";
select * from "Tenants";
select * from "TenantUsers";

7. Stripe customer

Go to your Stripe dashboard and confirm the creation:

8. Your ready to start working on your SaaS core functionality

9. Optional: Test the Transactions page

Add an expense and confirm it:

SELECT * FROM "Transactions";

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